Alameda MUG Class Notes

Alameda MUG

Tweaking Your Comms in iOS 11.3.1 — May.2018

6-page illustrated PDF covering Settings for communications — Phone, Messages, FaceTime, and Cellular in iOS 11, posted 5/24/18

Surfin' Safari — Mar.2018

PDF covering Settings and Preferences for customizing and browsing (surfin') with Safari on Mac and iOS devices, while improving security, posted 3/22/18

Backups and Restoring — Dec.2017 & Feb.2018

View a selection of PDFs regarding iOS backups, and Time Machine for macOS, posted 12/7/17

We also added links to useful software for backup and restoring on both macOS and iOS devices, revised 2/17/2018

Mail for iOS 10 — Oct.2016

Using the Mail app in iOS 10— PDF of a draft outline for the class topic, posted 10/20/16 (notes)

iOS Files & Data Interoperability — Sep.2016

Using Files & Data Among Multiple Apps — lists of the Apps each App can read from or write to

Security & Privacy Settings for Apple Devices — Mar.2015

View or download this 3MB PDF:  Security_MUG.PDF

Security 2 (handout incl Security Questions & Password Systems) — May.2015

View or download this 126K PDF:  Security2mug.PDF