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Existing Clients
If you've forgotten how to reach me, see the footer of this page.

New Client Support
We are not starting new client projects at this time. If you are looking for FileMaker support, FileMaker Inc runs the FileMaker Community support forum. It's free, and I might even be one of the people who answers your questions there.

Where have all the files gone, long time passing…?

We stopped updating systems based on FileMaker's deprecated runtime engine in 2011, offering instead fully-unlocked FileMaker files to replace software such as the Virtual Coin Cabinet. (Those unlocked files still work with FileMaker Pro 14–17.)

VCC Notice: All of the self-running VCC applications (FM runtimes) released from 1999 to 2011 were 32-bit applications which will fail to launch on systems which support solely 64-bit software. If you upgrade your OS to a 64-bit-only version, the VCC runtime applications will not run. (Just another reason we released unlocked files to use with FileMaker 14–17.)

If you need support for a file you obtained from us, contact us. However, please remember that nobody can assure the compatability of software from decades ago, or even a year ago, with a newer operating system.

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